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Gratitude List

Nov 10 14

by Catherine Ruffing
Director of Development

There are lots of things to be thankful these days around ISP.  In my work with Stewards and benefactors around the country, I’m constantly amazed at how generous people can be with their time and their resources.  It’s particularly inspiring to see the way the ministry of ISP impacts volunteers and participants.  I saw this list at a referring agency during one of my visits.

As part of their recovery program, the homeless women were invited to reflect on 20 things they were grateful for.  Many women were recently released from prison and had long battles with addiction.  At first, 20 seemed to me like a potentially long list.

And yet, as often happens with ISP, I was moved when reading their genuine authentic responses:

Clean water.  Freedom.  Coffee.  Friends.

As I think about what might be on my list, I recall again that what really matters are the simple and still profound things that make up my day: the tiny joys, the clean water (and coffee!) I may take for granted, the relationships built.    I feel blessed to be working at ISP, which reminds me — in the office, or in a shelter — to express gratitude for these small things.

Who or what are you truly grateful for this day?

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