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Our Program

Recovery and Ignatian Spirituality

From our founding we have sought to utilize the great intersection of the 12-Step program (e.g., AA) with the guiding principles of Ignatian Spirituality.

Both of these traditions seek to inspire greater knowledge of one’s self and one’s relationship with God as an agent of change within one’s life. Thus, ISP programs foster:

  • Reflection – finding my story as a place of God’s grace
  • Reconciliation – healing of past wounds and connection to community
  • Transformation – moving from self hate to love; isolation to engagement

Our programs provide hope, encourage the spiritual life, and thereby ultimately end the injustice of homelessness.

Description of Our Programs


Our weekend retreats generally take place from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. Some typical themes include: recovering our story, fear and trust, healing of memories, witness reflections or leads, time in nature and experiences of prayer. Sunday begins with another prayer opportunity, includes attitudes and practices that create hope, and a final closing ritual before returning the retreatants to their respective shelters around 2pm. All meals are provided during the weekend.


One Day
Based on the same model as overnight retreat, this condensed version typically takes place on a Saturday from 9am to 3pm. The retreatants are picked up from the shelter and transported to the retreat center, usually closer to the city, and the day begins with an orientation followed by a witness talk by the leader, partnered sharing, and time in nature. After lunch the highlight of the retreat is an hour of one- on-one spiritual conversation. The day ends with a final prayer opportunity and reflection before the retreatants return to their shelter.

Ongoing Spiritual Accompaniment
In some cities, we have found a need and desire to continue the connection forged on retreats with onsite reflection. In those cities we offer weekly spiritual reflection and on-going companionship with retreatants. In either a group or individual session, trained and experienced volunteers continue to journey with the retreatants.

Our Programs Work

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